Thursday, July 27, 2017

President Trump didn't, BUT OBAMA DID

In view of all that has occurred since President Trump's Inauguration, it should be pointed out (again and again, and over and over) that "mainstream" media is handling him quite differently from the way they (literally) covered (for) Obama.

Consider the following only as it relates to media coverage of our ongoing fight against Islamic State footholds in Iraq:

• President Trump didn't "abandon" Iraq and "create the vacuum" that allowed ISIS to gain its foothold there BUT OBAMA DID.

• President Trump didn't ignore the intelligence community's assessments on the growing Islamic State then have that intel "cooked" (manipulated) BUT OBAMA DID. &

• President Trump didn't say it was a "promise kept" -- that he "ended" the war in Iraq. BUT OBAMA DID. *

What's posted above will be news to many. That alone is part of our problem, though it's a near certainty if President Trump had anything to do with enabling and emboldening an enemy we are still fighting, the TV "pundits" and talking heads would be reminding us of it, daily!

But when it comes to the former "preezy" that our in-the-tank "news" media both deified and adored? He continues to escape responsibility --  media keeps giving him a free pass. This is troubling and deceitful, because THE LIAR here WITH BLOOD ON HIS HANDS is Barack Obama.


* To learn more about the 'Saluting Obama' image appearing in video linked above, click Thank you in advance.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Sheriff Clarke: "Fake news" born in #Ferguson

Sheriff David Clarke is correct.

"Hands up, Don't shoot" was "fake news."

And this lie had deadly consequences...

Case in point, Black Guerrilla Family (BGF) prison gang member Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley would cite the OFA-propagated lie four months later to "justify" his brutal execution of NYPD police officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, their assassination occurring the same week Barack Obama met with "reverend" Al Sharpton at the White House... ...the same week Sharpton's protesters in New York chanted they wanted "dead cops."

The message was clear: Obama was signaling his intent to keep our law enforcement professionals in the crosshairs.

Sadly, that continues today.


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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Colin Kaepernick's protest is tragic irony

It is telling that the last high-profile individual to disrespect our flag and our national anthem became the sitting president, whose legacy of words and actions show he always intended to divide the country.

It is also a tragic irony that Kaepernick doesn't realize his protest is an admission that the last eight years have been an abject failure, that 'Hope and Change' was never the course the president set. And Obama now has the country exactly where he wants: on the precipice, in more ways than one.

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PS- The next time Kaepernick is in the "film" room, he could invite the president to watch 'Remember the Titans' to learn something from one of its scenes about what it takes to come together.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

The National Spokesman for #BlueLivesMatter SLAMS Hillary Clinton

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From BlueLivesMatter.Blue [Police News]: Lt. Randy Sutton (Ret), the National Spokesman for Blue Lives Matter, slams Hillary Clinton...

Via Randy Sutton: Blue Lives Matter vs. Hillary Clinton

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Chief Steven Jones and Officer Donald Givens

The story behind this viral image: Two police officers in Trinity, Texas are standing against the "Black Lives Matter" movement because to them, all lives matter.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Under Barack Obama, "It's a Madhouse!"

There's a scene from the original (1968) film Planet of the Apes that captures the essence of what's happening to America under Obama. It's the scene where the gorilla Jailer turns a high-pressure fire hose on the caged Taylor (Charlton Heston) who roars, "It's a Madhouse! A Madhouse!"

Obama is recklessly shrinking our military while threats are rising, and the threats are coming from enemies he enabled or emboldened!

Consider the Islamic State, and how it conveniently filled the power vacuum he created. Conflate that with the intelligence community going on record to say the administration ignored its assessments then cooked the books!

Next, think about that legacy-seeking deal Obama negotiated with Iran, which makes no secret of its desire to acquire nuclear weapons -- at the same time its ruler is leading "Death to America!" chants.

Factor in the hundreds of "refugees" a week now flooding into the U.S. along with Obama's de facto Catch-and-Release Open Borders (illegal) immigration policy, and what we have now is "a Madhouse!"

We're a terrorist attack away from "Shelter-in-Place" again, and yet Obama talks about climate change, goes golfing or does fundraisers!

As I said, it's a MADHOUSE.

Some supporting links: 

● Note: Obama made a deal with Iran despite ALL THESE THREATS


The following content relates to the special 'FOX NEWS REPORTING: RISING THREATS, SHRINKING MILITARY' -- [Excerpt] "When Barack Obama took office, he inherited a professional, world-class, battle-toughened military. Seven years later, many experts see the U.S. armed forces as a tattered and demoralized organization. Fox News Reporting - Rising Threats - Shrinking Military investigates what President Obama has done with—and to—the military."


Add'l text/video (5:45) on 'FOX NEWS REPORTING: RISING THREATS, SHRINKING MILITARY' -- [Excerpt] 'Rising Threats, Shrinking Military' examines how Obama’s policies have played out on the world stage: 
● Russia, where the administration made conciliatory gestures, after which Putin’s forces became more aggressive and took over Crimea. 
● Iraq, where Obama decided upon a precipitous withdrawal of U.S. military presence, after which the formerly pacified nation descended into chaos. 
● Syria, where Obama threatened but then failed to take action, after which the region continued to grow into one of the most dangerous spots in the world. 
● Libya, the one place where America did take action in a UN-approved military intervention, after which the nation split apart and become a breeding ground for terrorism.

Backup video (5:45) link to "the alarming state of the U.S. military"; SECDEF Gates: Obama "double-crossed" me on defense budget

Bonus video (6:09) due to "overwhelming response" FNC received for its 'FOX NEWS REPORTING: RISING THREATS, SHRINKING MILITARY' [incl.three SECDEF interviews that did not make it into full program]
[ here: