Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"To Hell with Filthy Filner..."

This sounds harsh, and it rings of frontier justice, but a hundred or more years ago, it wouldn't be surprising to hear that someone who had committed the same acts Filthy Filner stands accused of being found swinging from a tree. I say this with no wish to see violence play a part in what happens to him now.

But a hundred or more years ago, if any of us happened to come across an already dead body swinging in the wind knowing what is now known, I think many of us would recognize it for what it was and we would not cut it down.

And we'd say, "To Hell with Filthy Filner. The buzzards have to eat, the same as the worm."

The following #FilthyFilner links just begin to tell this sordid tale...

"San Diego's lecherous mayor" must go.
National Democrats Oddly Silent on Serial Sexual Harasser

SD City Attorney: Females in the Media Need Escort to Interview 'Filthy Filner'

In Possibly Strategic Move, Filner Supporter Starts Recall Campaign
Related from Thom Senzee:
"Stampp Corbin, co-chair of Obama for America 2008's LGBT Leadership Council, was an integral part of the team that made Senator Barack Obama the next president of the United States that year. To this day, Corbin, publisher of LGBT Weekly, provides valued counsel to the president on LGBT issues."

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Three Women: We Told Democratic Officials About Filner's Harassment Years Ago

In closing... The fact that the City Attorney was forced to release a public statement declaring "the mayor is not to meet with women alone at city facilities," was proof of how sick and dangerous that Democrat pig Bob Filner is... and Democrats who served alongside him in Congress for 20 years knew that and did nothing!

Democrat depravity: Fathers with daughters Barack Obama aids pervert Bob Menendez