Thursday, February 14, 2013

I am worried for "the great one" Mark Levin, and the other outspoken patriots in O's crosshairs

The following is a transcript of an entirely fictional conversation between Barack Obama and two of his closest and most loyal staffers. How loyal? They're already "made" -- they have blood on their hands, as does Obama. As you read this, consider the possibility that this dialogue did take place, the result of an Obama White House run by a ruthless individual hell-bent on the destruction of the America he truly hates. Because Barack Obama is a cancer to Liberty. He a soulless statist without conscience nor empathy. He is the most dangerous American president ever. And this "dear leader" runs the most poisonous evil administration ever. They will follow him to the bitter end. They see "glory" in his image. They see "truth" in his lies. And they revel in his presence. It's all there, the orgasmic fawning over an evil man with a diseased mind. They will do his bidding and come for you. The only question that remains is when...

Beginning of transcript:

Barack Obama: He was at it again last night... on the radio AND on Fox News. I'm tired of it... and him! Do something about it. Make Mark Levin go away. I will not stand for him calling me out daily. I'm tired of it!

WH staffer #1: Yes, I've got the transcripts... they made me wince too. I assure you Mr. President that, with your authorization, we can expedite some "pre-packaged viciousness" into this man's life. And his family. You recall our last conversation about him?

WH staffer #2: For the record, the president is not here. Secret Service logs will show "Renegade" meeting with unnamed legislators and lobbyists.

Barack Obama: Well, you know what I want. No paper trail. Nothing that can come back to me. So run it... control by negation. Consider this my lone verbal authorization to carry out everything previously discussed. I want the IRS to step on this man and chew him up. Doctor the power grids into his residences and places of business so we can sabotage them on demand. Complete surveillance -- that's what I want. Have our guys at NSA assign a dedicated Reaper -- I want its live video feed available in my study. You understand? Place wiretaps on his Landmark Legal too. I want this self-professed Constitutional scholar to FEEL THE HEAT! He has children, yes?

End of transcript.

My response: Know this with all your heart. We can survive their attacks and beat back their tyranny. We are on the right side of history. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Stand ready. We are not alone. We never were. Embrace this fight. For the future of those fighting for Freedom everywhere. We are it... the last bastion of hope.