Monday, February 18, 2013

"If you REALLY know what Obama stands for and you STILL support him, then you're A TRAITOR."

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well, take a good close look at this image of Obama -- it's from the second presidential debate. Those daggers in his eyes came out the moment Romney called him out for lying. On national TV. And, Obama WAS lying that night... and still is. It's what Obama does. In fact, if we've learned anything about Obama these last four long years, it's that he LIES.

Of course, Obama avoided further embarrassment that night when moderator and "nose tackle" Candy Crowley immediately jumped in and became a left guard pulling and covering for him. In a scene that seemed rehearsed, Obama leaned on his "go-to girl" and asked Candy to pony up her day-after-Benghazi-attack Rose Garden transcript of 9/12/2012 that she "miraculously" had stashed like a hot pocket in her XXL hip pocket. Sadly, the rest is history... of a cover-up that is STILL going on.

And that's why this has to be said:

"If you REALLY know what Obama stands for and you still support him, then you're a traitor. I just can't say it any more clearly."

Memorize this. Say it to those you know who still support him. Get up in their grill. Lay out the facts. Make the case. Speak THE TRUTH!

Hat tip to Robert Taylor for the top image. Thank you!


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