Monday, July 27, 2009

Gates-gate... not quite a Cambridge Horror!

There once was a man named Jesse Washington from Waco, Texas. In 1916, he brutally murdered Lucy Fryer, a 53-year-old woman and wife of a farmer. Washington was found guilty of murder and received the death penalty. Before his sentence could be carried out, a mob took matters into their own hands and lynched him. It was a terrible month for Texas....first a woman murdered- then the murderer lynched.

Today, there's a man also named Jesse Washington. I'm not sure where he's from or if that's even his given name, but I'm thinking there's no connection. Washington has written an article (he calls it an "analysis") as an AP National Writer about the July 16th incident between the scholar Gates and Sgt. Crowley. The link for this article's below:

ANALYSIS: What they saw during the Gates arrest
July 26, 2009 10:31 PM EDT
Backup link:

Now I've read Jesse Washington's article and all I can conclude is our country's in trouble....and both he (and Gates) are part of the problem! I'd sum it up as IGNORANCE + APATHY + 0BAMA = Zero Sum Character. Washington's "analysis" reveals what the MEDIA can do with LIES and HATE to hold all of us back! I'd like to know why AP National Writer Jesse Washington wrote an inherently prejudicial article against police officer Sgt. Crowley and eyewitness Ms. Whalen. After reading it, I was shocked to learn that the scholar Gates is a victim to be vindicated! And that's just plain bullsh!t...

Washington writes (with serious prejudice) what Gates and Crowley "saw" from their own perspectives on that fateful day. Washington's "analysis" includes knowing what each man was thinking! In fact, he writes "when Gates hears Crowley ask him to step outside, [Gates] sees history. How could he not?" [Gates] "was in danger" because "He sees a RACIST! HUH? What kind of "analysis" is that? Remember, Gates is "the scholar"... He's supposed to know what to "see" because HE'S the enlightened one! Personally, I expect more from my "scholars" least one teachable moment anyway! So much for his brains! And Washington's too!

Washington even writes that Sgt. Crowley's FIRST question to a Breaking-&-Entering Suspect SHOULD BE "Is everything all right, sir?" HUH? What is that? How can Washington not know that the men and women in law enforcement follow established and accepted procedures... They usually only have seconds to make life-and-death decisions (and still come out alive)... They're highly-trained professionals who've dedicated their lives 'to serve and protect' ALL of us. They usually don't know what they're walking into, so when they do walk in, YOU CUT THEM SOME SLACK! And more importantly, just like Sgt. Crowley, they have families to go home to! Now if that doesn't ring any bells for Washington or Gates, then they should try and imagine hearing "Officer needs assistance" or (God forbid), "Officer DOWN!" Everyone alert now? Good....let's never forget the sacrifice our 9/11 heroes made that day! God bless them all!

Washington's "analysis" continues: "No one is blaming" the "white" eyewitness [Ms. Whalen]- "We don't know how she sees the world, what types of experiences COLOR her vision." He then quotes Gates: "It wasn't her fault." HUH? W-T-F is THAT? Talk about your Masters-of-Deceit: GATES is the one who brought up race! And WASHINGTON'S the one who spins the story! Gates and Washington are guilty of lies! And both are responsible for "devastating" Ms. Whalen!

Washington seals his fate as traitor-to-the-truth by blaming the incident on Ms. Whalen and Sgt. Crowley: "Had she shared different details with Crowley, or if the sergeant had gleaned something else, things might have happened differently." HUH? W-T-F kind of "analysis" is that? Yeah, IF wishes were fishes, IF water wasn't wet, IF Gates cooperated with the police, IF Gates obeyed the officers, IF Gates didn't play the race card, IF Gates provided identification, IF Gates didn't say "I'll speak with your mama outside," IF Gates conducted himself in an orderly manner, IF Gates didn't lie, IF Gates didn't act like a f*cking jerk! IF The Associated Press had a writer who could provide "analysis," IF HELL DIDN'T FREEZE OVER... Yeah sure, that'll work! Washington and Gates, exposed by their play- we now know their ways of hate! Washington and Gates, their weapons-of-choice: the PEN and the P!E-H0LE cut deep!

Sincerely, JoeKidd

PS- I was pretty upset with that article... Thanks for letting me vent!