Thursday, November 10, 2011

The media’s coverage of “occupy” and its relevance to Penn State

There is no doubt in my mind the media’s coddling of the “Occupy” movement -- downplaying the violence, underreporting felonious assaults and other crimes, even spinning supportive stories and headlines that liken it to having a grassroots Kumbaya-type feel -- all played a factor in how those juvenile Penn State students responded to news of Joe Paterno’s firing. They’re already fully aware the media has sided with other “occupiers.” Add the live feeds where “protesters” instantaneously get to see their “angst” played out in front of cameras (the media) shoved in their faces and you have a recipe for disaster. Or what the media now calls “news.” Or in this case, a disgraceful exclamation point to Joe Paterno’s career.

PS- Years ago when Joe Paterno was first made aware of that horrible incident where a youngster was sexually attacked and violated on campus by football coach and child predator Jerry Sandusky, Paterno failed to realize then that the despicably irresponsible and immoral way he chose to deal with that information would one day result in him forfeiting all rights and expectations he had in ending his career on his own terms. That day came yesterday.