Tuesday, May 1, 2012

“How could Obama do this to our military?!”

This post was written before the 2012 election under a working title ‘For those Americans out there who are still thinking of voting for Obama in November, please read this.’ It has since been renamed. You will understand the reasoning for that after reading it. Please share if you agree [http://t.co/p1PbeGbP]. Thank you in advance.

What Obama did below DEFINES the hate that he has for our military:

On August 6, 2011, a U.S. CH-47 Chinook helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan, killing everyone on board. It was the worst single-incident loss of American life since the start of the war there, with 30 American service members killed, 22 of them Navy SEALs.

Three days later, the bereaved families gathered together at Dover Air Force Base for the solemn Dignified Transfer of remains, “to honor those who have given their lives in service of our country” upon their final return home. Regarding media coverage, per SECDEF policy, the families reached a decision together and notified the Pentagon that they did not consent to having media present, and that no images were to be released or made public. Their decision was delivered to Obama... who then ignored it.

In fact, Obama had photographer Peter Souza accompany him to have reelection campaign pictures taken of himself saluting caskets... that he would exclude.

Obama would use the offending image more than once, brazenly making it a White House Photo of the Day, despite the controversy and public outcry then. Four months later, he reused the same “Saluting Obama” image -- taken for caskets containing the remains of those who died in Afghanistan -- and had it inserted into a campaign video he called “Ending the War in Iraq: A Promise Kept”. It appears at the 2:08 mark.

The “Saluting Obama” image, with caskets excluded.
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When asked about public distribution of the image, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said the picture was carefully taken so that it did not show the cases containing remains. In other words, Obama, wanting that picture of himself for his legacy and campaign, doubled down on his disregard for the military and the wishes of the bereaved families by making the image public and essentially using their CASKETS AS PROPS.

In time, even more disturbing news would later surface, thanks in part to the book ‘Betrayed: The Shocking True Story of Extortion 17 as told by a Navy SEAL’s Father’. ‘Extortion 17’ was the call sign for the Chinook helicopter that was shot down. Mind you, this was just three months after the death of Osama bin Laden. Testimony would later confirm that Taliban forces KNEW ‘Extortion 17’ was coming into the area. Now the damning question: Would Obama intentionally leak classified information as a trade off for the killing of bin Laden?

Then there is this: Obama decided to “honor” these fallen warriors by sending their parents a FORM LETTER signed by an electric pen. And before that, at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, Obama had DOD officials INVITE A MUSLIM IMAM TO “PRAY” OVER THE BODIES as they lay in their caskets before their final flight home, the imam damning them as “infidels” who would burn in hell, and their bodies later cremated despite the fact that NO PERMISSION TO DO SO was ever requested or granted.

You may now see why everything that Obama did re: 'Extortion 17' DEFINES the hate that he has for our military.

My opinion follows...

As an American, I cannot fathom a Commander-in-Chief acting or even thinking like this. I find what Obama did to be unconscionable, morally repugnant, and absolutely disgraceful!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please pass this on.

Sincerely, an American citizen and a U.S. Navy Veteran

Special thanks to ‘Granny Jan’ for the tip on the controversial image being used in the Obama reelection video.

The portraits of those killed...

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Finally, a message for Obama from Veterans For A Strong America:

“Our Service Members sacrifice to protect our country, not to benefit his political campaign.”

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