Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Out-slicked and in deep water...

Let's talk about Obama and the Gulf Coast oil spill. Eleven workers died when the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded causing the oil spill. That seems to be forgotten. But everyone knows Obama did NOTHING on the spill for eight days -- then lied about it -- and what's new? Obama's been lying from Day One (not of the oil spill, but of his Presidency). And every day the spill spews and is front page news is another day his Green Agenda staffers smile. Heck, Obama watched that live video feed in the Situation Room of the oil spewing for DAYS, but kept it from the public. The media won't talk about that.

But the media will talk about Obama saying 'Me no nothing' in response to felony allegations he tampered with an election. Or that Obama hopes LeBron will soon join the Bulls. Or that Barack and Michelle have front row duckets to Sir Paul McCartney's gig. Or that the President's Memorial Day plans will have him in Chicago, partying. What the heck is that? It's too bad the the media won't put it's collective foot on Obama's neck and expose him for the narcissistic lying fraud he is.

With two wars on, the President should be at Arlington this Memorial Day honoring those who sacrificed everything. And if he can't stand looking at all those patriots, he should head on down to the Gulf Coast and rally those poor souls who lost their livelihoods and had their lives changed forever. He could even give Napolitano a lesson in geography. On second thought, that ain't happening. Obama failed geography when he gave up on borders.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

"I" is for Immigration, "E" is for Enforcement

Let me get this right:
John T. Morton is in charge of this federal law enforcement agency called Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and he just happens to say (with an approving nod from Obama) that he may choose to NOT enforce Arizona's new illegal immigration law (which is patterned after already existing Federal Law).
Does Morton understand that the Rule of Law cannot be ignored?
That the Rule of Law trumps the Rule of Obama?
That he is now an Obama accomplice?
Or that the "I" and the "E" in the agency Morton heads stand for "Immigration" and "Enforcement"? Hello???

Capisce? Er, I mean ¿Comprende?

Attorney-General Holder and DHS Secretary Napolitano HAVE read the AZ law -- it's just that their feigned ignorance allows all things negative in Obama's agenda to keep flowing.

And don't think that Obama is not rubbing his hands together in glee. He is -- it's called 'Divide and Conquer' -- a strategy as old as evil itself.

Capisce? Er, I mean ¿Comprende?

Arizona immigration law easy to find, read -- Hattiesburg American

PS- Because Obama resorts to using school kids, foreign leaders and even our house (The White House) as props, there's no limit to how far he'll go in his neverending 'stir the pot of Hate' campaign.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Papers, please."

The President, an 'undocumented' worker himself, presents us with this conundrum:
How can one determine if another is 'documented' without asking for their papers?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Coiled and ready to strike?

The Obama agenda is known now, but questions still remain:
Is it threatening?
Is it venomous?
Is it a snake?
Because if it's all three, you'll only kill that snake by removing its head.