Thursday, July 27, 2017

President Trump didn't, BUT OBAMA DID

In view of all that has occurred since President Trump's Inauguration, it should be pointed out (again and again, and over and over) that "mainstream" media is handling him quite differently from the way they (literally) covered (for) Obama.

Consider the following only as it relates to media coverage of our ongoing fight against Islamic State footholds in Iraq:

• President Trump didn't "abandon" Iraq and "create the vacuum" that allowed ISIS to gain its foothold there BUT OBAMA DID.

• President Trump didn't ignore the intelligence community's assessments on the growing Islamic State then have that intel "cooked" (manipulated) BUT OBAMA DID. &

• President Trump didn't say it was a "promise kept" -- that he "ended" the war in Iraq. BUT OBAMA DID. *

What's posted above will be news to many. That alone is part of our problem, though it's a near certainty if President Trump had anything to do with enabling and emboldening an enemy we are still fighting, the TV "pundits" and talking heads would be reminding us of it, daily!

But when it comes to the former "preezy" that our in-the-tank "news" media both deified and adored? He continues to escape responsibility --  media keeps giving him a free pass. This is troubling and deceitful, because THE LIAR here WITH BLOOD ON HIS HANDS is Barack Obama.


* To learn more about the 'Saluting Obama' image appearing in video linked above, click Thank you in advance.