Thursday, June 24, 2010

Let me get this straight:

1. Obama gives the first general he selected only half the troops requested, and an egg timer to boot -- then FIRES him.
2. Obama then hires the general Bush selected -- and both he and Biden TRASHED in '07 -- and he now shows leadership?

Thursday, June 17, 2010


The Obama 'leadership' is a crisis itself and the O-bots realize this. They must take Rahm's advice and not let this crisis go to waste: Recognize him now for the incompetent fool he is and reject him!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obama's going 'strong to the hole'...

Obama will attempt a major re-spin of the Gulf oil spill narrative tonight. Basketballers are even saying that Obama is going to go 'strong to the hole' because his primetime address to the nation tonight will be his FIRST from the Oval Office -- which means it's gonna get and be heavy.

Reagan used the Oval Office to address the nation after we lost those seven brave souls aboard the Challenger. And Bush spoke from the Oval office on Tuesday night, Sepember 11th, 2001.

Word on the street is Obama will tell the country it faces an unprecedented "9/11-like" disaster. And that he'll continue to address this crisis with his typical unpresidented, I mean unprecedented response.

God help us.

To Babs “Don’t call me ma’am” Boxer...

Hey Babs, ma'am:
You have disrespected our military for years, and you're a hypocrite! You voted against every piece of legislation that would’ve helped our military. And it’s been FIFTEEN years since you last visited a base.

But Babs, ma'am, we saw you at Camp Pendleton Sunday HIDING behind the First Lady -- while the First Lady was HIDING behind her teleprompter. Because the last time Mrs. Obama went off script, we learned she hadn't been proud of her country her whole life.

Now Babs, ma'am, we know why Barack sent his wife to California -- and it's not because he's already made TWO separate trips here during the Gulf oil spill rai$ing fund$ for you. It's because he (just like you) ain't welcome here either. And that, we'll Remember in November, ma'am.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The NEW defintion of HUG

The NEW defintion of HUG:
hug (hug), v., hugged, hug-ging, n. --v.t. 1. to clasp or embrace tightly with Liberally-applied 'affection'. --n. 2. an embrace that puts a boot on one's neck, especially a student's.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

God Forbid

Obama is a failure and it's too late for him, but we can't allow him to let the oil spill take us down too. The pace of his seemingly intentional recklessness is quickening -- Obama may even accept himself as the final US president -- so there needs to be a paradigm shift: This catastrophe in the Gulf needs Manhattan Project-type focus NOW or it will be affecting our children long after we're gone, God Forbid.

Disturbing signs...

"What you are about to see may disturb you."
Mexican soldiers pointing rifles at our Border Patrol agents is yet another disturbing sign of what's happening under Obama. Because Obama STIRS THE POT OF HATE. Obama shares responsibilty for the incident -- he may even be gleefully rubbing his hands together feeding off any anger created. Someone could take this 'disturbing' video clip and consider inserting Obama in at the end.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We know that Obama is verrry intelligent, but he's got more problems than not having enough mirrors inside the White House. He's a 'brain scientist' doing 'rocket surgery' -- which means oops, KABOOM!

The Gulf oil catastrophe: Obama's fingerprints are all over it!

For those of you who still think BP is TOTALLY at fault for the Gulf oil catastrophe, consider this:

1. Obama STILL hasn't talked with BP's CEO yet. And he won't.

2. The American politician who received the MOST money from BP was Obama.

3. BP was one of three finalists for Obama's Department of the Interior Federal Award for "Outstanding Safety and Pollution Prevention". The winner of the award was supposed to be announced yesterday, but it's since been "delayed" -- probably because BP won!

4. The Obama Administration also recognized the specific rig at the HEART of this catastrophe for being a model of safety just last year!

Any questions? And no, I'm not sure how Obama is going to go about 'kicking his own ass', but I'd sure pay to see it. Then again, him accomplishing that with one foot in his mouth while the other one is in the polished boot on his neck might be better left unseen.

Hat tip to Steve Gill!

The Chicago Way...

Obama thinks Americans want him to give BP a piece of his mind. The problem is that amounts to a piece of NOTHING -- and most of us already know that. And Obama said he won't even pick up the phone to talk to the BP CEO anyway...but he has NO problem going potty mouth over our public airwaves. So what's next? My guess is Obama brings an 'F-bomb' to an 'ass' fight. It IS the Chicago way...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Obama shows his love for country...

Obama didn't just party down to the music ♫♪ yesterday. Obama also managed to completely blow-off the anniversary of D-Day while listening to noted anti-Semite Desmond Tutu paraphrase Chairman Mao when he said, "Security is not something that comes from the barrel of a gun."

Obama is despicable when he receives those words so well the day he also refuses to honor those THOUSANDS of Americans who died 66 years earlier.