Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Three things to check-out: Yin, Yang and something Beautiful for good luck!

PJTV: The Power & Danger of Iconography

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Kseniya Simonova - Sand Animation (Україна має талант / Ukraine's Got Talent)

Don't tap me on the shoulder and say, "The world is on fire!"

Our President will be joining Chicagoans in Copenhagen later this week, but I’m thinking he shouldn’t go at all:

There are so many more important issues for him to deal with here at home!

Is it possible inexperience has allowed him to be overtaken-by-events?

Or is he so delusional with power that he can’t see what’s happening?

Or is he so upside-down and over-his-head he’s gripped by inertia?

Or is all that is happening some part of his diabolical plan?

I’m so clueless about who he is and still wary of danger…

Why is that? Does anyone else have these questions?

Take care, to all. And may God bless America!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Hey 0bama: Get your priorities straight! Step away from OUR world, then slither yourself all-the-way-back to H3LL!

0bama PROMISED last fall during his never ending (and still continuing) campaign that “the war in Afghanistan will be a top priority” for him…

Yeah, right!

This freakin’ loser is so FULL-OF-CRAP that legless, soft-bodied, wormlike larva- maggots, if you will- feed off his fecal brain matter just to complete their life cycle.

I guess strong-arming the nearly-as-corrupt IOC is naturally a lot more fun than keeping American Soldiers, Sailors and Marines safe!

To H3LL with the 2016 Games! Doesn’t he know we Americans are trying to survive and thrive through 2010, 2011 and 2012?


Just two days ago at the G-20 'post-game' news conference, 0bama said “I’m not interested in victory” regarding athletic events. Of course when he said that, he was referring to America’s upcoming ‘football’ game against the Tehran Titan Missiles and their crazy quarterback Kook Nuke’em…though I personally think that’s a game that should be circled as a ‘must-win’ for US (and the rest of us).

But 0bama DID say “I’m not interested in victory”…so we KNOW he’s not referring to The Olympic Games ’cause everyone knows they’re a political event, not an athletic one. Which is why The0bamaCampaign continues! And 0bama’s upcoming schedule certainly IS light…let’s take a look:
1. Decide on an already-delayed troop request from YOUR OWN guy in Afghanistan? Nooo…
2. Fix the 0bamaDeathCare Bill? Nooo…
3. Help Middle East whirled piece? Nooo…
4. Lower the Zzzillion Dollar Debt? Nooo…
5. Pass the Cap-and-Tax-Hoax-of-a-Bill? Not yet…
6. Pass the Immigration-Amnesty-4-All Bill? Not yet…
7. Investigate that “A.C.ommunuity.O.rganizer.R.N.E.A.” thang? Certainly not…
8. Make a gameplan designed for ‘victory’ in America’s critical-mass-of-an-upcoming-playoff-game against TheNuclearIran? Hell nooo…
9. Do more sightseeing? Well, Copenhagen IS beautiful in the fall…let’s go!

So in just three days, 0bama’s next whistle-stop will be the ‘frozen tundra’ of Copenhagen! Ahhh…campaigning in the fall…brings back memories…...OF FU**ING BROKEN PROMISES AND PROMISES FU**ING BROKEN!!!

Hey 0bama: Get your priorities straight! Step away from OUR world, then slither yourself all-the-way-back to H3LL!

Monday, September 14, 2009

No thanks, Mr. Prez!

So, Serena Williams made a FOUL on herself, shook the BALL in the judge’s face and then threatened to “SHOVE IT DOWN” the judge's throat…


Barack N0bama makes a FOOL of himself, shakes the BILL in the people’s face and then threatens to “SHOVE IT DOWN” We the People's collective throat…

Yeah…there’s absolutely no similarities there.

PS- Serena has since “RE-CALIBRATED” her remarks.

Thursday, September 10, 2009



Wednesday, September 2, 2009

They're just kids...for God's sake!

After hearing two of Edward M. Kennedy's grandsons speak at his funeral service this past weekend, I'd say the Kennedy family ‘adults‘ are completely morally bankrupt. And I'd pray for those kids- they don’t know they’re being hurt by their own kind…they're to young to know that. The words they spoke seemed chosen for them and not their own and that's also tragic. They lost THEIR grandpa, not some great legislator…hah! Those kids needed their own closure, yet were denied that because of Kennedy-0bama Democratic politics…huh?

All of us have experienced loss of some kind… And most would agree it would've been much better-especially for the kids themselves- if they'd been able to speak their own words from their hearts, maybe telling a story or sharing a nice memory about their grandpa. Unfortunately, that didn't happen for them and the Kennedy’s are to blame.

Indeed, if those kids had actually come up with the words they read aloud, a good parent would've said something like "No, let's leave that for another day- Don't miss this chance to say goodbye to grandpa in your own way." That would've been the RIGHT thing to do- the adult thing to do.

But that didn't happen...and maybe that's because the-powers-that-be knew those kids were PERFECT for the part: they're 'uncriticizable'...

So I don't criticize the kids- but I wholly condemn the unholy ‘adults‘...they're the ones who are supposed to know better!But then again, maybe they did ‘know‘ better. After all, we heard what THEY wanted us to hear- it was intentional. And that's what makes me think they’re completely morally bankrupt. The Kennedy's will eat their young…on national TV! And that's absolutely disgusting.

I'm an IMPERFECT parent, but even I know what I saw was WRONG.

They're just kids...for God's sake!