Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Say "HELL NO!" to the Obama/Gang of Eight abomination of an immigration bill!

6/27 Enforcement Holiday: Immigration Bill Allows Criminal Illegals 'Safe Harbor'

Let me get this straight... After we learned that the most corrupt lawless president in US history, Barack Obama, played a stealth role in creating this so-called "immigration reform" bill, the same Obama who already promised he'd gut immigration enforcement, the same Obama who lied when he said the bill would require illegal aliens to learn English, the same Obama who refused to meet with ICE agents requesting a voice in the negotiations but met with illegal aliens in the Oval Office, the same Obama who gutted border security with his sequester that tripled illegal immigration after amnesty talks started, the same Obama who used his sequester to leave "large portions" of our southern border open, the same Obama who tried to cover up the fact that his sequester released THOUSANDS of illegal aliens, many who have criminal records and have since "disappeared," the same Obama who still hasn't recovered the thousands of assault weapons that his illegal "Fast and Furious" gun-running put in the hands of drug cartels, after ALL OF THAT, we still have 15 mush Republicans (named below) trying to shove this bill down our collective throats... a bill that:

• doesn't secure the border,

• further damages our economy,

• includes a Democrat slush fund,

• was negotiated behind closed doors,

• has ANOTHER STIMULUS for Obama,

• would give Democrats a permanent majority,

• purposely encourages a flood of NEW illegals,

• hides a permanent amnesty-for-illegal-aliens loophole,

• is over a thousand pages long and weighs nearly thirty pounds,


• "incentivizes" employers to fire Americans then hire immigrants,

• is backed by a Democrat who rallied with Communists supporting it,

• is more lenient to law-breaking criminal illegal aliens than it is to legal immigrants and US citizens,

• was so deceitfully sold that faux "conservative" and "evangelical" political action "front" groups were created just to sell it,

• eases restrictions for asylum seekers [Sec. 3401], adds another appeals layer for rejected aliens [Sec. 3504], lets AG Eric Holder give taxpayer-funded legal counsel to illegal aliens which is contrary to existing law [Sec. 3502], outsources assistance for amnesty-seeking illegal aliens from DHS "to community organizations" [Sec. 2106],

• gives DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano the discretion to further gut border security, this following her stunning Senate hearing testimony after the Boston Bombing when she admitted that she knew terrorist Tamerlan Tsarnaev had taken a trip last year to Russia and she STILL let him come back into our country...

After all that and the threats we're now hearing from rabid Democrats if it doesn't pass, you know what I say to those trying to make this abomination of an immigration bill become law?!?


The links in order of points made...

From Doug Ross: "Yes, he's historic, alright."
Obama's Complete List of Historic Firsts [Updated]

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From Daniel Greenfield...
Amnesty proposal TRIPLES number of illegal aliens crossing border

[VIDEO] Obama to leave "large portions" of our border with Mexico OPEN FOR HOURS because of sequester cuts…

OUTRAGE: DHS releases 'THOUSANDS' of illegal aliens from prison -- cites 'budget cuts'

"Obama releasing illegals from prison an IMPEACHABLE offense"

Illegal immigrant thought release was 'joke'...

From Lachlan Markay...
An Administrative Amnesty: "Sequester cuts not deep enough to justify release of illegal immigrants, experts say."

AP Exclusive: DHS released over 2,000 immigrants

ICE chief acknowledges more than 2,000 illegal immigrants released, including drunken drivers

ICE admits hundreds of illegals with criminal records released

Obama's Fast and Furious Scandal: New details emerge on how the U.S. Government armed Mexican drug cartels

Revealed: Operation Fast and Furious guns used in 2010 Mexico massacre of 16 people, including 14 TEENS

Fast and Furious: New details emerge on how the U.S. Government armed Mexican drug cartels -- ***WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES***

A video from award-winning television reporter Ben Swann...
Reality Check: Was Obama's Operation Fast and Furious really about the U.S. Government supporting a drug cartel?

CBS News: Operation ‘Fast and Furious’ gun found at site where Mexican beauty queen killed

Barack Obama, the Drug War, and 60,000 Dead in Mexico:
Failure Is an Option

Univision: Obama's Operation Fast and Furious tied to surge in Mexican drug cartel massacres

'Furious' guns tied to 2010 Juarez massacre, other murders in Mexico

Operation Fast and Furious and the massacre of Mexican kids

Exclusive: Footage shows dangerous and illegal drug cartel activity in Arizona

The Number #1 Threat to Texas...
Note: Obama arming them didn't make them less dangerous...

Assassinating public officials: Mexican cartels getting strong and violent foothold in the United States

Americans more concerned about cartels...

Officer Down Memorial Page: Jaime J. Zapata

Officer Down Memorial Page: Brian A. Terry

Lies, Damn Lies, and "Comprehensive Immigration Reform"

Michael Cutler: The Gang of Eight's Immigration Deception

A bill that DESTROYS our economy... The Slipperiest of Slopes:
Immigration 'compromise,' a really bad deal in any economy

Something refreshing if you've made it this far...
"Virtual President Bill Whittle takes a question on immigration at a Virtual Town Hall meeting located not far from the Mexican border"

Immigration bill now includes Obama stimulus program...

Reid, Heller slip Las Vegas tourism handout into immigration bill...

Politico lets the cat out of the bag:
Immigration "reform" would give Democrats a permanent majority

Loophole slipped into immigration 'deal' creates permanent amnesty for illegal aliens...

Weekend reading: Harry Reid schedules Monday vote on 1,170-page immigration bill

Porky: Immigration bill reportedly up to 24 pounds;
Heaviest since Obamacare


Senate bill actually incentivizes US employers to fire Americans and hire amnestied immigrants

Democrat Dick Durbin at May Day Immigration Rally:
Communists? What Communists?

Illegals aliens face lesser punishment than U.S. citizens for their crimes committed...

Under this abomination of an immigration bill, crime pays!

Guess who is behind [the bill's] 'conservative' radio and TV ads?

[VIDEO] Mark Levin exposes "Americans for a Conservative Direction"

Evangelical group pushing immigration reform doesn't legally exist

Democrat Chuck Schumer predicts mass demonstrations -- if...

Bill provides Hong Kong access to the US Visa Waiver Program...

Amnesty costs 70 TIMES MORE than enforcement

Victor Davis Hanson: Near-Suicidal Immigration Policies
What does it take to get deported? More than you would think.

Daniel Horowitz: The Worst Piece of Legislation in American History
The bill grants "Permanent Defacto amnesty," "permanently ties the hands of border agents," and will "void out all deportations."

Finally, the names of the 15 Republican senators who were complicit in ending debate on the "Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act"  and allowing it to move forward in the Democrat-controlled Senate:

• Lamar Alexander
• Kelly Ayotte
• Jeffrey Chiesa
• Susan Collins
• Bob Corker
• Jeff Flake
• Lindsey Graham
• Orrin Hatch
• Dean Heller
• John Hoeven
• Mark Kirk
• John McCain
• Lisa Murkowski
• Marco Rubio
• Roger Wicker

They should all be held accountable for their atrocious actions!



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