Friday, January 31, 2014

Yes, just hired a stripper who co-founded a sex workers' site to write one of their columns...

Of course, what she writes about, in light of her line of work, is what proves to be disturbing. Can you say #ConflictOfInterest?!?

Image courtesy of SOE

Does anyone else find it odd that decided now is the time to publish their article with the tease, "We're debunking the myth that sex trafficking increases during the Super Bowl"?

Or that its author is a stripper who's co-founder of the sex workers' site 'T*ts and Sass'? And who's "We're"? A quick Google search reveals who Susan Elizabeth Shepard is. Are we to assume that because Sports on Earth is a "joint development venture between USA TODAY Sports and MLB Advanced Media" that they've joined her here?

Just askin'... #CultureWar

BTW, the sleazy Shepard (and her co-authors) are wrong:

FAQs - Shared Hope International

Human trafficking in the United States

Super Bowl XLVIII: 'America’s Traveling Human Trafficking Magnet'

File this under "If there's just one life we can save..."


Related: It should be noted that Sports on Earth practices censorship. In the past, I have posted a comment that I think is relevant to the following story on Joe Paterno's legacy only to find it deleted.

The comment:
Former Penn State president Graham Spanier gets brief mention in this article -- he is "still awaiting trial for perjury and failure to report child abuse, among other charges" -- but that didn't stop the Obama administration from hiring him.
Washington Post's Emily Heil wrote about it in an article titled 'Graham Spanier's gig as a federal worker is a mystery':
[Quoting] Spanier might have been ousted from his post at the helm of Penn State over the sex-abuse scandal that engulfed the university, but it seems he's found a backup employer: the American taxpayer. ... His lawyer confirms to the Loop that Spanier is working on a part-time consulting basis for a "top-secret" agency on national security issues. But the gig is so hush-hush, he couldn't even tell his attorneys the name of the agency. In April -- months after his ouster as president but before the release of the internal report -- he told the Patriot-News of central Pennsylvania that he was working on a "special project for the U.S. government relating [to] national security." [End quote]
For the record, District Judge William Wenner concluded that prosecutors had enough evidence of a "conspiracy of silence" for Spanier and his two cohorts to stand trial for their role in covering up the Sandusky child sex abuse scandal. Charges include perjury, obstruction, endangering the welfare of children, failure to report child abuse, conspiracy to hide child abuse, hiding evidence from investigators, and lying to the grand jury.
In other words, Graham Spanier, this "expert at cover-ups," fits in perfectly with the Obama administration.