Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ruffled Feathers...

WH Press Secretary Gibbs met with the press Thursday to smooth out ruffled feathers. The press may be pissed because they can't remember the last time Obama held a news conference -- July 22, 2009 -- when Barry "acted stupidly." Yep, it's been that long. Thousands of speeches later, and still no questions asked since Obama intentionally took that last one last July to disparage the Cambridge Police. But then again, the press might be upset about chasing a phantom last week when Obama 'attended' a non-existent soccer game. Inquiring minds want to know...including those working for Barry's pet peacock.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Barry says, "Do svidaniya, Comrade!"

Thanks to President Obama, today may be the last day in our lifetimes so many astronauts were together in space.
Or as Barry would say, "Do svidaniya, Comrade!"

Why is a ship called She?

We always call a ship a "she" and not without a reason.
For she displays a well-shaped knee regardless of the season.
She scorns the man whose heart is faint and doesn't show him pity.
And like a girl she needs the paint to keep her looking pretty.

For love she'll brace the ocean vast, be she a gig or cruiser.
But if you fail to tie her fast you're almost sure to lose her.
On ships and dames we pin our hopes, we fondle them and dandle them.
And every man must know his ropes or else he cannot handle them.

Be firm with her and she'll behave when skies are dark above you.
And let her take a water wave - praise her, and she'll love you.
That's why a ship must have a mate; she needs a good provider.
A good strong arm to keep her straight, to comfort her and guide her.

For such she'll brace the roughest gales and angry seas that crowd her.
And in a brand new suit of sails no dame looks any prouder.
The ship is like a dame in that she's feminine and swanky;
You'll find the one that's broad and fat is never mean and cranky.

Yes ships are ladylike indeed, for take them altogether;
the ones that show a lot of speed can't stand the roughest weather.



Hear what Bill Clinton said yesterday?
Despicable comments from a disgusting leader! And make no mistake:
An impeached President is running point for one who's still in office.
The only home-grown terrorist I know of is the PERSONAL friend of the sitting (bowing?) President AND the author of his Pulitzer Prize-winning book.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Tea Party Patriots!

The lap dog media and Obama elitists just can't get past the fact that we Tea Party and town hall-attending Conservative Patriots are actually the REAL law-abiding tax-paying American citizens who support our local sheriffs!
Ask those in law enforcement -- they know!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Obama is high and outside...and way left.

WH adviser David Plouffe's hiring of a pitching coach still didn't stop Barack Obama from throwing like a girl today. Obama's ceremonial first pitch to open the Nats' 2010 season was, quite naturally, high and outside...and way left. Thankfully, white man Ryan Zimmerman can jump. In the President's defense, at least he didn't bounce it -- like last year.

Plouffe's advice that Obama wear a ChiSox cap today, however, did pay off...kind of. There is no doubt the media will attribute the cascade of boos that descended upon the President as him being in 'enemy territory'. By the way, when asked in an interview who his favorite Chicago White Sox player was, Obama couldn't name one.

Obama throws the opening pitch POLITICO 44 [video]

Missed by a mile! - Washington Times [text]

Obama fails us all...

We must never forget that Obama thought 'saving his Presidency' was more important than keeping his oath to the Constitution.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Now hear this...

The sounds 'O', 'Ba' and 'Ma' SEPARATELY are syllables that also become individual words, and with 'Ma', even a beautiful name. But put these units of spoken language TOGETHER -- 'OBaMa' -- and you hear the ugly sound of tyranny -- and the name of a narcissistic liar.

Friday, April 2, 2010

My suggestions to Jason Mattera

This post appeared yesterday on Facebook from Jason Mattera:
"Homeys, I'm extending the contest to win two free autographed copies of OBAMA ZOMBIES. Use this thread to tell me what you'd inscribe to Barack for his own personalized copy OBAMA ZOMBIES. I'll then send that inscription off with the book to the White House! I'll pick the winner over the weekend"

I'd like to thank Mr. Mattera for providing this thread which is allowing so many of us to express ourselves. I think the idea is cool and the suggestions funny and very telling. I'm certainly looking forward to reading his book Obama Zombies, but it's not my goal to receive a free copy. I just wanted to contribute.

Here are my suggestions:

1. Dedicated to the man behind the Great American BACKLASH!

2. Dedicated to the Legend in his own mind...and the planets orbiting it.

3. To Barack: When you wake at 3AM, put the dog-eared copy of Rules for Radicals down and read this. It has a happy ending!

4. To Barack: Channel your inner Al Capone and go gangsta! BTW, Capone was a tax cheat who died of syphilis.

5. To Barack: Stop your agenda or you'll get a Grasshopper: Two parts gin, one part brandy, one part Creme de Menthe.

6. To Barack: Take your stinking paws off me you damn dirty Dem!

7. To Barack: God forbid you go to church...and tell another lie. ϟ

8. To Barack: Do you have a pitchfork sharpening machine?

9. To Barack: I give you a 'solid F minus.'

10. Dedicated to the man who is pissing off THE BEST INFORMED AMERICAN CITIZENS OF THE LAST 20 YEARS!

11. To Barack: How's that "95 percent cured" smoker thing working out for ya?

12. God Bless Ronald Reagan!

13. To Barack: Regarding your 'corpse' pronunciations, seen any war movies lately?

14. Alinsky's Rules for Radicals paid homage to 'the very first radical' Lucifer. This book pays homage to you, the very last radical!

15. Dear Barry, it's easy to dismiss those who say you may try to be the final US President -- but what would be done differently if that wasn't the case?

16. To Ellie Light, with love...

17. Dedicated to Michael Meehan's Coward-Snivelin’ boss!

18. America to Obama: Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot, over?

19. Dedicated to most pro-abortion President in US history!

20. Dedicated to the Gov't-allied bank that stole my kid's pony:

21. Dedicated to the first President in American history to complete the unholy and un-American trifecta:

1st president in 110 years to miss an Army-Navy football game.
1st president to not attend a Christmas religious observance.
1st president to stay on vacation after a terrorist attack.

22. Dedicated to the man who thinks wars 'just end' -- They don't. Wars are won or lost. And no war's ever been won where the winner announced beforehand when they'd stop fighting.

23. Dedicated to the man who Congaed with the Salahis.

24. Obama Zombies will create-or-save more jobs than your stimulus. Read it and weep!

25. Dedicated to a:

S elfish,
V ain,
E gotistic,
N arcissistic
G loryhound
A nd
L ying
I mitation of a president.

26. Throwing bums like you out? There’s an app for that -- it’s called voting.

27. Dedicated to the Nobel Peace Prize winning man who's giving us a Whirled Piece...of crap.

28. Worship God, not Gov!

29. Dedicated to the 'man' who helped introduce two disgusting terms into our national lexicon: 'teaba**ing' and 'fi**ing'.

30. Dedicated to the man who in the face of overwhelming opposition, still ignored the will of We the People and shoved his ObamaCare down our collective throats.

31. Dedicated to the man who brought more heartache, pain and worry into our lives with his non-stop lies and scheming...
We will never forget!

32. To Obama: We will NEVER let you and your Dem cronies get over on us. You'll all know in the end you were in the fight of your lives -- and lost!

33. All Presidents face tough decisions... This book is dedicated to the first President in US history to say 'saving his Presidency' was more important than keeping his Constitutional oath.

34. To Barry: You sure look different with these 'They Live' glasses on. BTW, we will not OBEY, CONFORM or SUBMIT!

35. To Barry: Read this, scrawl your name in it, then pass it on to the next Zombie in your administration and have them do the same. It'll be worth it to get all you guys and our country back on track.
God Bless America!

36. Dedicated to the first President whose actions are both unprecedented and unpresidented.

37. Dedicated to an individual who did as much as anyone to jump start The Conservative Comeback!

38. This book is dedicated to the One who leads a narcissistic life -- your name is in the title!

OBAMA ZOMBIES: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation
By Jason Mattera