Monday, April 5, 2010

Obama is high and outside...and way left.

WH adviser David Plouffe's hiring of a pitching coach still didn't stop Barack Obama from throwing like a girl today. Obama's ceremonial first pitch to open the Nats' 2010 season was, quite naturally, high and outside...and way left. Thankfully, white man Ryan Zimmerman can jump. In the President's defense, at least he didn't bounce it -- like last year.

Plouffe's advice that Obama wear a ChiSox cap today, however, did pay off...kind of. There is no doubt the media will attribute the cascade of boos that descended upon the President as him being in 'enemy territory'. By the way, when asked in an interview who his favorite Chicago White Sox player was, Obama couldn't name one.

Obama throws the opening pitch POLITICO 44 [video]

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