Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Gulf oil catastrophe: Obama's fingerprints are all over it!

For those of you who still think BP is TOTALLY at fault for the Gulf oil catastrophe, consider this:

1. Obama STILL hasn't talked with BP's CEO yet. And he won't.

2. The American politician who received the MOST money from BP was Obama.

3. BP was one of three finalists for Obama's Department of the Interior Federal Award for "Outstanding Safety and Pollution Prevention". The winner of the award was supposed to be announced yesterday, but it's since been "delayed" -- probably because BP won!

4. The Obama Administration also recognized the specific rig at the HEART of this catastrophe for being a model of safety just last year!

Any questions? And no, I'm not sure how Obama is going to go about 'kicking his own ass', but I'd sure pay to see it. Then again, him accomplishing that with one foot in his mouth while the other one is in the polished boot on his neck might be better left unseen.

Hat tip to Steve Gill!