Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To Babs “Don’t call me ma’am” Boxer...

Hey Babs, ma'am:
You have disrespected our military for years, and you're a hypocrite! You voted against every piece of legislation that would’ve helped our military. And it’s been FIFTEEN years since you last visited a base.

But Babs, ma'am, we saw you at Camp Pendleton Sunday HIDING behind the First Lady -- while the First Lady was HIDING behind her teleprompter. Because the last time Mrs. Obama went off script, we learned she hadn't been proud of her country her whole life.

Now Babs, ma'am, we know why Barack sent his wife to California -- and it's not because he's already made TWO separate trips here during the Gulf oil spill rai$ing fund$ for you. It's because he (just like you) ain't welcome here either. And that, we'll Remember in November, ma'am.