Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Coward-Snivelin’ Strategy of a Thug

Coakley Thug Roughs Up Reporter

The Coakley campaign strategist (aka The Thug) who assaulted The Weekly Standard reporter in our nation's capitol last night might as well admit he's GUILTY of carrying-out classic Saul Alinsky tactics to be used when the rubber meets the road...or in this despicable case, where the reporter meets the ground.

Let's look at how this smoking gun was 'loaded':
Blue Line Strategic Communications was so proud of the fact that The Thug was going to ‘help’ Coakley’s campaign, they tweeted it:
“The DSCC dispatches Blue Line’s Michael Meehan to assist Coakley camp with messaging:
1:29 PM Jan 11th from TweetDeck

I sent @bluelinedd this in response:
"What message?"
The “Don’t f*ck with us DEMS or we'll KNOCK YOU DOWN!” message?
Does "assist" = VIOLENCE?
Go tell your 'associates' at DSCC, "Saul Alinsky tactics won't work!"

Here's who The Thug is:
His public profile and bio highlight the work he's done doing "campaign strategy" and "communicating" for Democrat Senators Cantwell, Kerry, Daschle and Boxer (now that's a breeding ground if I've ever heard one), so it's obvious where he mastered his special brand of communicating.

Such is the profile of a thug...
And the Coward-and-Snivelin’ strategy of a thug.