Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I support Jim Bunning!

Dear Senator Bunning,

I support your heroic actions on the Senate floor!

Despite attacks from the Dems and Obama, I truly appreciate your strong stand on principles. The media fails us yet again when they choose to ignore the fact that Reid's scuttling of an earlier bill did the exact same thing in effect that you're now accused of doing: holding up unemployment benefits. Unfortunately, the media thinks you're a better target. Real Americans know the truth. No worries, I've got your back!

Your actions blocking the bill expose Obama's own failed response to pay-as-you-go. And it's a similar response we've seen before. His creation of a 'debt commission' was just another bureaucratic attempt by him to lay the blame on others. Because Obama can't lead himself out of a paper bag.

Your blocking of the bill is also, in a way, like a canary in the ObamaCare coal mine. The results foretell (on a lower scale) what will happen when Obama fully applies his brand of health care reform: massive cuts to Medicare reimbursements and services.

Lastly, your actions speak towards you expecting (demanding?) that the majority party provide SOME leadership in this supposedly bipartisan fight against higher deficits. Unfortunately, despite Dem control of the House, Senate AND Presidency, they're going to punt...and then blame you for the bad snap.

You're the only American standing strong on this. I say "Thank you!"