Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Obama is Despicable and Disgusting...CUBED!!!

Reposted again because it's THAT despicable and disgusting...

Is it just me or is Obama intentionally evoking racial imagery with his “sit in the back” of the bus rhetoric???

The self-proclaimed “post-racial” president is now the MOST racial president -- and certainly the most divisive! Americans now know Obama will say or do ANYTHING for a vote -- including ratcheting up his rhetoric and stirring his pot of Hate. Despicable AND Disgusting!

Next thing you know, Obama will incite his Democrat comrades to “punish our enemies” -- oh wait, Obama did that just yesterday! SERIOUSLY!!! And Obama wasn’t talking Al-Qaeda or the Taliban -- Obama is telling his supporters to “punish” fellow Americans who are on the other side of a POLITICAL aisle!

Like I said: Obama is Despicable and Disgusting...CUBED!!!