Saturday, December 11, 2010

God help us...

Yesterday, at a press conference of his OWN choosing, we saw the President of The United States lose control of the White House -- the petulant child that he is. And as Derek Broes said, it may have produced “the single greatest Drudge Headline I have seen to date.” I would agree!!/photo.php?fbid=158927847485614&set=a.106206766091056.3797.100001051981122

If you haven’t seen video of the incident yet, here it is:
“Obama Ditches Tax Cut Presser After Bill Clinton Takes Control”

Unbelievable! Obama “takes off” and Clinton “takes over” for almost THIRTY MINUTES of impromptu question-taking?! WTF?!?

The teleprompter must’ve told Obama to “Excuse yourself now and get the HELL out of here QUICKLY, you Loser.”

Ladies and gentleman, we have a dangerously narcissistic and pathologically lying adolescent in the White House. God help us.