Monday, March 21, 2011

The Obama gang that can’t shoot straight...

As far as I’m concerned, Obama has shown cowardice and ineptitude with regard to Libya since he became president. Back in 2009, even The Washington Post pointed out that Obama SHOOK HANDS and ate dinner with the “mad dog” Kadhafi.

Then in 2010, due in part to Barack Hussein Obama saying it would be “far preferable” to release him, Lockerbie bomber Mohamed al-Megrahi received a hero’s welcome when he returned to Libya --  this terrorist who killed 270 people, 189 of them Americans.

Then when the former Libyan Justice Minister TOLD THE WORLD last month that KADHAFI PERSONALLY ORDERED the Lockerbie bombing, Obama sat on his hands again!

Forget the Cairo speech (BTW, how’d that work out?!?) And forget all the Obama waffling -- which has resulted in the murder of thousands of people fighting for their freedom. And forget the mixed diplomatic signals coming from this Obama gang that can’t shoot straight -- “Kadhafi must go,” er, I mean, “Kadhafi can stay.” For Obama now, it’s about “baracketology”...and Brazil!

John Podhoretz, speaking on Obama’s “invisibility” during these “times of crises” says it best:
“This is not a time for leadership; this is the time for leadership.”

And let’s be clear: The USS Barry (DDG-52) is named after the Revolutionary War hero John Barry, “Father of the American Navy” -- NOT the clueless narcissist we have for president. And ship-fired Tomahawk cruise missiles are a nice way to “reach out and touch” Kadhafi, the evil being behind the Lockerbie bombing.

PS- I love the smell of Tomahawks in the morning...

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