Friday, October 7, 2011

Warning: Possible Hijacking

Warning: Possible Hijacking -- The media realizes they can’t beat the Tea Party so they’re now trying to equate it with this anarchic anti-Capitalism movement. DO NOT let them get away with it.

The people who identify with the Tea Party movement and attend events are quite different: They are the honest, hardworking, taxpaying, law-abiding informed citizens who actually support their local sheriff.

These Wall Street “occupiers” are a different breed. The ones I spoke with -- college grads -- didn’t know who their representatives in Congress were or how much the federal deficit is . . . but they sure loved their Obama! That said, pent-up anger in misguided people is not a good combo.

With the media now running stories about protester “sanitation” issues on Wall Street and main streets, here’s a good snapshot that says everything: Compare last year’s Restoring Honor Rally in DC (re: The Clean-Up) to the TRASHING of the WI State Capitol.

There is no comparison! Case closed.