Sunday, December 18, 2011

Could Barack Obama’s use of this craven image BLOW UP IN HIS FACE?!?


Could Barack Obama’s use of this craven image in his newest BarackObamadotcom campaign video BLOW UP IN HIS FACE?!?

Howdy all! Thanks for coming here. I’ve decided to post this because I’d like fellow Americans to know how LOW Barack Obama will go to get reelected.

And I want viewers of his newest campaign video to know this truth:

Obama has doubled-down on his total and abject disregard for bereaved families by inserting a craven image of himself into his newest campaign video.

Please be aware that the image of Obama saluting at the 2:08 mark of this Ending the War in Iraq: A Promise Kept campaign video (if you can stand to watch it for that long) was taken AND is being shown AGAINST THE WISHES of the bereaved families who gathered together in August for the solemn Dignified Transfer Ceremony at Dover Air Force Base honoring their fallen loved ones.

Even back in August, Obama disregarded their request that no public images be released, brazenly making “The Saluting Obama” image his White House Photo of the Day!

More ignominiously, Obama used their CASKETS as be cropped-out!

Of course, now it’s been unceremoniously relegated to just being Obama campaign fodder. And that is morally repugnant!

Now I can never know how those families who lost loved ones felt that day, but you can be certain Obama has known all along what he’s doing and what he wants. It’s reelection at any cost -- 2012 or Bust!

Obama intentionally ignored their wishes back in August, and he wants that image in his BarackObamadotcom campaign video now.

I can think of no other Obama action so loathsome or despicable.
And I just want to call Barack Obama out on that.

Thank you for reading this far.

Take care, and God Bless you and yours!

“The Saluting Obama” image in question was first published here.
(Scroll through ‘til you reach Photo 18 of 24.)

Read White House photo sparks protest - Yahoo! News for more info.

And finally, Special Thanks to Janice for the tip on Obama now using the controversial image in his newest campaign video.