Saturday, January 28, 2012

Of course Obama would downplay his self-instigated confrontation...

Of course Obama would downplay his self-instigated confrontation with the Lady governor of Arizona:

1. Obama lost! And the world saw Obama for what he really is:
A thin-skinned petulant punk who got schooled!

2. We’ve all read the simple yet dignified letter the Lady governor graciously presented “his lowness” upon arrival.

3. Obama’s reaction actually proves Author Jan Brewer’s factual characterizations of Thug Obama in her book are true.

4. And Jan Brewer’s explosive new book Scorpions for Breakfast is now climbing faster on bestseller lists than a rising Phoenix.

That said, and knowing how spiteful Obama and all of his minions can be, I pray for Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s safety. Seriously.

I mean, how many tens of thousands of people have been murdered just across the border in a drug war Obama is helping fuel by arming the drug cartels?!?

They don’t say “Drugs kill people, and Drug Cartels ARMED BY OBAMA kill people” just for nothing. Arizona IS a battleground…literally.

All it would take (God Forbid) is some Jared Loughner-wannabe wearing a “Together We Thrive” T-shirt -- and don’t think Obama’s Dem operatives wouldn’t welcome that -- they already tried parlaying the Tucson shooting into Obama’s Oklahoma City moment.

And that was and is unconscionable.

Then again, what is at stake?!? Besides the safety of Jan Brewer and other law-abiding Citizens who live and work near the border, the real prize is who wins in November. And Obama has already shown that he will do or say ANYTHING to get that prize. God Forbid…