Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Conversation from Yesterday Morning at the Obama White House?!?

First Lady: Good morning, Barack. I’ll be campaigning for you down in bible country, today -- Nashville specifically -- and you know that I’ll say or do anything to keep this gig going for another four years. There are still so many exotic places to see!

Obama: Yes, last night, I could tell you were ready to work, I mean, see Cartagena.

First Lady: Oh, Barack -- talk like that will get you cheeseburgers . . . with extra bacon! Oops, sorry.

Obama: That’s okay -- just no dog recipe jokes. The fundraising trips that Bo and I just started are going great -- we’re reaching the “Aw, puppies are cute” demographic, and they think I’m cute too!

First Lady: Not as cute as moi...

Obama: Of course, Michelle. Anyway, I was studying my Alinsky again last night -- the copy I keep on my nightstand -- and when I revisited Saul’s acknowledgment to the very first radical Lucifer, he gave me an idea!

First Lady: Who? Saul or Lucifer?

Obama: That doesn’t matter -- it’s the idea I got. Today, while you’re deep in the midst of all those “bitter clingers” I want you to quote some scripture!

First Lady: Oh, Barack -- I love when you’re blasphemous! It reminds me of how we met -- it’s so exciting!

Obama: Yes, I know -- Reverend Wright told me that before he married us. Anyway, do that and I’m sure our minions in the media will run with it -- how exciting will tonight be for the both of us, seeing stories comparing me to Jesus complete with my own halo! Sounds good, huh?!?

First Lady: That’s a date! With my own 5 TRILLION DOLLAR MAN!


Say what?!? Michelle Obama says, 'This President Has Brought Us Out of the Dark and Into the Light'

You are what you eat?!?
Romney Campaign Notes that Obama as a Boy Ate Dog Meat*

Saul D. Alinsky - a role model for left-wing Satanists

Quoting from the article… “In 1998, a small Chicago theater company staged a play titled The Love Song of Saul Alinsky, dedicated to the life and politics of the radical community organizer whose methods Obama had practiced and taught on Chicago’s South Side. Obama was not only in the audience, but also took the stage after one performance, participating in a panel discussion that was advertised in the poster for the play.”

Alinsky and Obama share much in common. Here’s a pre-2008 election article on then-Senator Obama and his Alinsky roots that is both fascinating and timely.
It’s title? “Obama: Lucifer Is My Homeboy.” Enjoy!

And 56 cents?!?
The $5 Trillion Man: Debt Has Increased Under Obama by $5,027,761,476,484.56