Monday, November 5, 2012

The last president of the United States?

From "Hope and Change" to "Revenge!" -- that certainly sums up his last four years, doesn't it?

Then again, maybe Barack Obama wants this to end ugly. Real ugly. Maybe he's thinking if he can't win, to hell with everyone and everything. And America is on that list.

While we're thinking that our long national nightmare may soon be over, he's thinking otherwise. The way the retreating nazis destroyed everything.

He's a community agitator at heart, and he feeds off the mob -- the supporters he has brimming with hate. The ones now promising to riot. For him. While he's on the campaign trail calling for revenge.

Recall that he failed to address the flash mob violence and he's silent again. Except for his call for revenge. He may just have it in his twisted mind to be the LAST president of the United States. This may not end well. Fear the worst and stand prepared.

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Finally, here is Mitt Romney’s response to Obama:

The time is now. Vote for “love of country.”