Thursday, September 19, 2013

A quick look at Tea Party vs. Occupy in light of the "Occupy" movement's second anniversary

First, four great Tea Party vs. Occupy political cartoons...
1. "Leave us alone" vs. "Take care of us all"

2. Two perspectives, by Michael Ramirez:
"Which one is closer to 99% of America?"

3. The Tea Party: Perception vs. Reality, by Gary Varvel:

4. The Media's Guide to Protestors, by William Warren:

Next, "a running total of the number of Occupy protesters arrested around the U.S. since Occupy Wall Street began on Sep. 17, 2011."
Arrests in 122 different cities (As of June 15th, 2013), courtesy of the website

Number of "Occupy" arrests = 7,762
Number of Tea Party arrests? NONE

Finally, a Side-By-Side Comparison of the Tea Party vs. Occupy, courtesy of

PS- The most telling check mark may be at the bottom.