Friday, November 26, 2010

Michael P. Meehan: “The Thug” Revisited

Imagine my disgust when 33 minutes into Wednesday night's show Special Report with Bret Baier on Fox News, I see the mug of one Michael P. Meehan (aka “The Thug”) being interviewed concerning Obama’s political fortunes-to-be in 2012.

Hello?! Does Fox News even vet these people?!?

“The Thug” appears in the videos below doing what (I guess) he does best: Assaulting a reporter. Which brings us to who this guy is: Michael P. Meehan is a Democrat Neanderthal and operative with Blue Line Strategic Communications. And Blue Line is proud of the kind of work he does -- so proud in fact, they tweeted it:

“The DSCC dispatches Blue Line’s Michael Meehan to assist Coakley camp with messaging!”


A look at Meehan’s public profile and bio both list him, ironically, as a communications and “messaging” specialist. They also highlight the campaign strategizing work done for numerous Democrats, including Kerry, Daschle, Boxer, and of course, Obama. Now that sounds like a breeding ground (cesspool?) if there ever was one!

Personally, I don’t think Michael P. Meehan aka “The Thug” should be used as a spokesman on ANY Fox News program -- unless he is FIRST IDENTIFIED as the Democrat staffer and “Thug” who knocked that nice Weekly Standard reporter down to the ground.

Otherwise, the “message” Fox News is sending is violence works. And that’s not right. Because Michael P. Meehan aka “The Thug” is no “communications specialist” -- and to give him a national voice in light of the “message” he sent out last January is just plain wrong. Case closed.

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