Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Obama’s Train Wreck of a Presidency

Obama’s Train Wreck of a Presidency
By Pamela Geller

The hits keep on coming from a train wreck of a presidency.

I just got my healthcare renewal form. My rates are up over 30% across the board, and that’s with a $5,700 deductible. This is the fruit of Barack Obama’s health care “reform,” to make healthcare affordable and accessible for everyone.

Obama really makes me sick — oops, I can’t afford to get sick.

I want a waiver — oops, I don’t know any crooked Democrats (is there any other kind?) who can fix it for me.

Who is the recipient of these goodies from this crooked administration? Unions, of course, and FOO (Friends of Obama).

Historian and finance analyst Kenneth Schortgen, Jr., notes in The Examiner that while Obama has given waivers for his new healthcare scheme to 111 corporations and other entities, the form to apply for a waiver is hard to find and harder to wade through, and:

“to receive a waiver it appears you must have political capital with the administration to be accepted. For most small businesses, you will be incurring the new taxes, fees, and programs that will add thousands to your bottom line, and in more than a few cases, might cause a small business to close their doors.”

Schortgen points out that “in March, AT&T reported from an internal study that the new Healthcare program will cost their company over $1 Billion in new and additional costs,” and that on the list of groups already granted waivers,

“unions are one of the largest entities given a waiver, and speaks to the political gifts given by the Administration to them. The Obama Presidency has proven their partnership with unions since 2008 to the detriment of small business.”

Okay, but Obama’s other policies must be in better shape, right? Wrong.

This week Ahed Khalfan Ghailani became the first detainee who has been held at Guantanamo to be tried in civilian court, under Obama’s policy of treating acts of war as law enforcement issues. Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani faces charges of conspiracy and murder in jihad bombings in Africa that killed 224 people, including twelve Americans.

Today the jury was deliberating and a verdict was expected, but one of the jurors sent the judge a note asking to be replaced, because other jury members were giving her a hard time for “her opinions.” If the jury is deadlocked, it is unlikely that prosecutors could again bring together the witnesses who testified in this trial. Bringing witnesses from Kenya and Tanzania to testify would be hard, and maybe impossible, to repeat.

How about Obama’s foreign policy? Any good news there?

Obama has vowed to defeat al-Qaeda, but this week British General Sir David Richards said that a defeat of al-Qaeda was “unnecessary and would never be achieved.”

I agree with General Sir David Richards that al-Qaeda can’t be beaten, but not for the same reasons. Clearly, if we are afraid to freely discuss the ideology and motives behind this global war on the West, then we cannot beat it. If we dare not speak its name, surely we cannot defeat it. If, instead, those who speak to the religious ideology that compels war against the “non-believers” are the ones demonized, surely it will defeat us.

Rules of engagement, political correctness, and foreign aid to our assassins make it impossible to defeat this enemy. Give me The Bush Doctrine — “you are either with us or against us” — as opposed to The Obama Doctrine, “we are against us.”

Meanwhile, the Afghan Council that is trying to end the war there has recommended that Taliban prisoners be freed from Gitmo to join peace talks back home.

The very idea that we would be releasing Taliban terrorists to join “peace” negotiations is really scary. Not for the obvious reason that upon their release they will join the Muslim army and kill our soldiers, but scary because of the fact that our “leadership” would even consider such suicidal insanity.

The idea of peace to the enemy is a “pax islamica,” a world living under the horror of Islamic law. Obama’s jihad against Israel, while effectively aiding and abetting the most violent and imperialistic Islamic supremacists, is a lethal cocktail for freedom-loving peoples.

Meanwhile, Obama is strangely silent on the case of Sayed Mossa, who is awaiting trial in Afghanistan for converting to Christianity. Apostasy (conversion out of Islam) is punishable by death in Islamic law. In a similar case back in 2006, Abdul Rahman was spared the penalty of death and granted asylum in Italy after the Bush administration intervened. President Bush and others had insisted Afghanistan protect personal beliefs.

American blood and treasure in Afghanistan…for what?

Where is President Obama? His silence is deafening and dangerous. Silence is complicity.

Tell me again why we are expending priceless blood and billions in treasure on this Sharia state. If we are not fighting this, we are wasting our time.

Domestically and internationally, Obama’s presidency has been a disaster of incalculable proportions.

Pamela Geller is the editor and publisher of the Atlas Shrugs website and is former associate publisher of the New York Observer. She is a regular columnist at Newsmax and her Op-Eds appear in the Washington Times, Human Events, the American Thinker, Israel National News, and other publications.