Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blurs and Doublethink

This is irrefutable: The Left will blame Bush forever. Who cares? Placing blame's in their DNA -- their knee-jerk reaction to life. Whereas the Right embraces life, open-eyed, keen and eager to 'gitrdun'.
The worry comes when a 'detachment to responsibilty disorder' belongs to an ├╝ber narcissist like the One in power. That's poison. And if he's dishonest to a fault and appears to be without a soul, grave consequences result. The Prez becomes 'scary'. And blaming Bush not just strategy, but the product of subterfuge and a diseased mind believing itself a Legend. Only blurs emanate from this mind gripped by inertia. Blurs and Doublethink. The dye cast, chaos is around the corner.