Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jobs, Jobs,, I mean File, File, File

News from the "If you can't budget, you can't govern" front:

Receiving unemployment benefits isn’t a partisan issue. Extending them isn’t either. But funding the extension is....if the party in power can't budget. That’s why it’s sad that the Liberal media has decided to screw the American people yet again and blur the lines on this issue in their reporting. Both parties are interested in ensuring benefits continue as needed, but the Dems are choosing to NOT address its funding -- and the Liberal media approves.

I recall hearing the phrase, "If you can't budget, you can't govern." It was said back in 2006. By a Democrat. Naturally being partisan. Like now. But what the Democrat said then doesn’t apply now. Naturally. Though the partisanship still continues. And the Dem who said it is STILL in Congress. With the Dems having ALL the power now. To NOT budget. And to NOT PASS a budget. And that’s the real reason for the extension delay. This log jam was caused by Dems who, to use their own words, CAN'T BUDGET & CAN'T GOVERN! The GOP would've supported an extension if the Dems had the guts to first address HOW TO FUND IT. The Dems wouldn’t. And won't.

CORRECTION: Dems decide to fund the extension on the backs of our children's children and our grandchildren's children. Yeah! That won't work. Talk about stupid. The Dems. Who punted. Yet again.
Any questions?

PS- If Obama and his Dems could do SOMETHING to create 'or save' JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, maybe our country wouldn't be in this mess. But then again, we just heard their response to the terrible news that tens of thousands of jobs will be lost because of Obama’s (stupid) drilling moratorium: FILE, FILE, FILE. For unemployment benefits! Wow! Sounds like a plan…called ‘More Stupid‘. Talk about your vicious circles -- while America circles the drain. No governing --> no sense --> no jobs --> no guts --> no budget --> no governing.
Under Obama. Come November, let's find Dems another job:
“Throw Dem bums out!” I can see it from my house.