Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Obama plays hardball

Obama is playing hardball -- though he can't throw a lick. The field of play? The very media that Obama controls. And Andrew Breitbart and the Daily Caller are the ones targeted.

Today, we woke up talking about a breaking news story that major news media outlets WILLFULLY suppressed coverage of Obama's racist mentor prior to the 2008 election -- which helped elect Obama -- making the the media's collusion a TREASONOUS act.

Tomorrow, the focus will be on a 'Tea Party activist' who supposedly 'doctored' a video to cast a federal worker appear racist. Which caused her firing. And it's not the truth. It's media manipulation in the highest form. And it is the Chicago Way.

Today's timeline of events unfolds quickly and conveniently.
Breitbart posts the video.
Racism rears its ugly head.
The NAACP folds its race card.
The White House gets involved.
Their back-and-forth is covered ad nauseum.
A federal worker gets fired.
Now its wrongful termination.
Then we learn the 'history' behind her change of heart.
And the Tea Party and Fox News are the villains. Again.
All this in one news cycle.
Hell, it takes more time for Obama to respond to a terrorist attack -- or pick a dog.

Tomorrow, the focus will be on Obama. Who else? He may even parlay this into a national address to 'promote' healing. And reinstate a federal worker. While condemning Fox News and the 'racist' Tea Party. And it's all manufactured. Subterfuge and lies.

And the racist rants of Jeremiah Wright will be buried yet again -- with the treasonous members of the Dem's media complex now back out of the picture -- the ones who 'delivered' Obama. It's so evil. Expect nothing less. Obama's mission was accomplished.