Friday, January 28, 2011

Harkin and Obama: Two peas in a pod

Regarding Democrat Tom Harkin saying Tea Party people are “crazy” and should be “given more rope” with which to hang themselves...

Unlike our so-called Commander-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama -- pictured here at Tom Harkin’s very own Iowa Steak Fry disrespecting our National Anthem (this is not photoshopped, look at the URL):,29307,1662530_1446035,00.html -- Tea Party people LOVE their country! And the people who call themselves “Tea Partiers” are honest, hardworking, taxpaying, law-abiding patriotic Americans who support their local sheriffs. They’re also the BEST INFORMED citizens of the last twenty years!
Case closed.

So who am I? Well, I’m just one American who sees RIGHT THROUGH the person pictured on the FAR LEFT in the link above...

PS- My teen sons could handle ANY Democrat in a one-on-one debate. And as far as I’m concerned, I would WIPE THE FLOOR with the whole lot of them -- after I (old)school them. Bring it!

PPS- Tell Democrat Tom Harkin how you REALLY feel: (202) 224-3254