Thursday, January 6, 2011

Re: Rick Reilly "on" Obama and the BCS

I'd almost have to say Rick Reilly has been the gutter ball of sportswriters the last few years. It's not because he wants our Bowler-in-Chief to do the 7-10 Split that is the Bowl Championship Series fix (which is hard to do when your best on the lanes is a 37). It's because Rick has long had one helluva crush on our sitting, bowing (but non-bowling) president -- we all know it -- and that's what's hard to take when reading his takes.

There was a time when sportswriters wrote columns without insinuating their politics into it, but times have changed, as has Rick and other "journalists" -- or Journ"O"Lists. Because Rick has almost the same track record for fawning over Obama, the stain affected. That's why I've come to disregard his work. Or use it to wrap my catch-of-the-day in.

I think it was the late great Jim Murray who said the world of sports should be the toy section of life. Of Reilly, he'd be disappointed. Because the sports world has certainly been assaulted enough lately with "crime and punishment." And Obama is both. Too bad reading Rick Reilly reminds me of that.

BTW, the "O" in Journ"O"List stood for "O"bama.