Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Petraeus didn’t “betray us” -- Obama did!

My response to the US News and World Report story with this headline: “Would Petraeus Betray Obama as Romney's VP?

What an ignorant headline. Since when did the CIA Director become a partisan cog in the Obama administration? Or is this just another indication that US News and World Report approves of the way Obama plays politics with our military, the CIA, DOJ, EPA, and IRS? (Feel free to think of your own three-letter agencies complicit in furthering the radical agenda of this four-letter administration.)

If anyone is guilty of betrayal, Obama and Biden would top that list. Their approval of the Left’s vicious “Betray Us” campaign against General Petraeus and their thorough 2007 trashing of the man are certainly proof of that.

Yes, I’m talking about the same Obama (you could substitute Biden here) who as senator(s), did everything they could to lose the Global War On Terror but still actually claim its “success” today as their “great achievement” -- that’s the guise, er, guy(s).

More Betrayer-in-Chief: Obama’s “war-fighting” in Afghanistan betrayed our troops when he gave the general he first selected, General McChrystal, only half the troops requested -- and an egg timer to boot -- then fired him! Of course, Democrats proceeded to call Obama’s choice for replacement, General Petraeus, “brilliant” -- quick to forget that he was selected and served honorably in that capacity under President Bush. And that they had trashed him.

Recall that prior to the 2008 presidential election, we were told that Obama added Biden to the ticket because he added "foreign relations experience" and “statesmanship” (you can laugh now). We now know that Biden’s gaffes have also helped draw attention away from a teleprompter-less Obama.

Biden in February 2010: “Iraq will be one of the great
achievements of this administration.”

Biden in November 2010: “Daddy is going to start to
take the training wheels off.”

Dr. Charles Krauthammer has also weighed on the Obama betrayal.

Krauthammer in February 2009: Obama’s failure to
acknowledge democracy in Iraq is “disgraceful”.

Krauthammer in August 2010: Iraq is a “distraction”
to Obama. “His heart is not in these missions abroad”.

Krauthammer in August 2010: “We won the war militarily, that was Bush and Petraeus. As a result, when they handed it over at the inauguration in 2009, the Obama administration had one task -- a diplomatic task, that’s what Democrats are good at. A year and half [later], get an election done, a government in place. It has absolutely failed on that. It had one task, a diplomatic task and it’s left us in a situation where we’re winding down, we’re leaving and the government is extremely unstable.”

Krauthammer in October 2011 on the sacrifices and
success of The Surge: “Obama gave it away.”

Note: Regarding Obama’s “war-fighting” in Iraq, two weeks ago it was reported that al-Qaida “is returning to the old strongholds from which it was driven by U.S. forces and their Sunni allies prior to the American withdrawal at the end of last year, and that it is preparing operations to free prisoners and assassinate court officials.”

Wars don’t just “end” -- they are won or lost. No war was ever won where the winner announced beforehand when they’d stop fighting. Translation? As Commander-in-Chief, Obama is truly a disgrace.