Friday, December 21, 2012

Barack Obama, a tragedy-exploiting machine

Many Americans participated in the National Moment of Silence yesterday for the victims who were massacred in Newtown, CT one week ago. Many websites also "went dark" at 9:30am ET. But the websites of Barack Obama -- "the president who cares" -- were raking in blood money. In an email that was sent out to supporters on the tragedy, Obama used the twenty dead children as an opportunity to add two donation links -- both for HIS campaign. No "teddy bear" or "comfort dog" links that would have been more appropriate. Just "click-on-this" links for him. And that is more than disturbing.

Paul Bedard reports: "They won the campaign handily and even had $14.2 million to spare, but the Obama-Biden campaign is still raising money, this time off the president's comments about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Connecticut. In email from chief campaign advisor David Axelrod that urges supporters to watch President Obama's moving address to the community of Newtown, Conn., there are two links that open a page with a video player featuring the president's speech and two donate buttons asking for $15-$1,000 for his campaign."

Then again, it's not the first time that Obama has exploited tragedy. In fact, he's proven himself to be an expert at "never letting a crisis go to waste." And he has access to the Bill Clinton playbook.

Obama uses Clinton's playbook to exploit school shooting

The Newtown school shooting

Hurricane Sandy

The attack at Benghazi: "New" Obama version of the American Flag looks eerily like the blood-stained walls at Benghazi Consulate

The Andrews AFB ceremony for the four Americans murdered in Benghazi
No respect: Obama peddles campaign gear during Andrews AFB ceremony

The death of Neil Armstrong

A woman who died of lung cancer...six years ago

The Aurora theater shooting

The Trayvon Martin shooting

Hurricane Irene

The worst single-incident loss of American life in the Afghanistan war

The Tucson shooting -- The "Together We Thrive" theme at the Tucson shooting memorial came from the Obama campaign

"the utterings of a sociopath [Barack Obama] who exploited the death of a 9-year-old girl for the moment"


Here are some links for the good:

Teddy Bear Drive CT: "Donations to benefit the December 14th, 2012 Newtown, Connecticut school shooting."

K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs: "A dog is a friend who brings a calming influence, allowing people to open up their hearts and receive help for what is affecting them."