Wednesday, August 12, 2009

An "0bummer Summer" we'll soon not forget?

This “0bummer summer” has been crazy....maybe one we'll soon not forget! What the HELL is happening? Hmmm, THAT might be it....HELL might be happening!

I'll probably be flagged for saying this, but after hearing some of the most incredibly VICIOUS attacks one could imagine coming DIRECTLY out of 0bama's mouth and his Dem-0bots (racism, KKK, Nazis, swastikas), attacks that are being made AGAINST our veterans and police officers and doctors and and senior citizens and even our disabled, I’m wondering WTF and thinking, "Can I put it past our 'president' to NOT have something up his sleeve so far fetched and sinister as to blow people's minds? ...a self-serving DIABOLICAL plot affecting some kind of national or even global catastrophe?" God forbid!

We were all changed when the COWARDLY Islamic terrorists attacked us eight years ago… Hell, it’s STILL hard for me to look at images from 9/11 (and 0bama, you can take your 'man-made disaster’ label and SHOVE IT where the sun don’t shine!) But I never thought I'd see regular stand-up Americans ridiculed and assaulted for exercising their First Amendment rights. Heck, there just worried about the 'change’ in the air. We know much of the media is already ‘in the tank’ for 0bama, but now we're now seeing that 'free speech' isn't. It's politically incorrect and even dangerous!

0bama targets town hall protesters as the problem, but I say they’re not! They're more like 'the best' America offers! They've been knocked down and dragged out and they're still standing tall. They pay taxes to the country they love. And they're our aces-in-the-hole: men and women who are rich in experience and wise with time because they’ve lived much and given more in blood, sweat and tears. And there are true heroes among them....we must honor their sacrifices made. So let's remember these people for who they really are: concerned patriotic American citizens! And let's never forget what America stands for and the price that so many have paid. God bless America!

Ronald Reagan: A Time for Choosing (aka “The Speech”) Air date 27 October 1964, Los Angeles, CA