Saturday, August 8, 2009

Who's Cynthia Tucker?

To be honest with you, I think America totally underestimated how far 0bama and his 0bots will go... This has NOTHING to do with race! And that's exactly why Rahm's soldiers and Axelrod will make it about race. This "issue" is just one more "straw man" from the master 0bama....they set 'em so they can knock 'em down. And the technique comes directly from Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky. It's time for everyone to wake up!
"We the People" must keep our eye on the ball. The "real" issue is NOT that 0bama's "black"'s that he SUCKS as our president! Who cares if the the president is black/white/whatever? I don't! But 0bama and his 0bots do....and they can't and won't let us forget...
And 0bama can't step away from the race card- it's his weapon-of-choice and he's gotten this far. He's the one who identifies himself by race first and his 0bots are quick to follow! We don't label him. He labels himself....AND us! People hoped for a "leader" but that hasn't happened. And I'm starting to think that was never in our least not the way 0bama plays them. He has systematically used our differences to make his way to the top. He preaches for unity but reaches for labels. And it's been his "strategy" from Day One! What would you expect from a Saul Alinsky disciple?
When you think of those you admire, you think of their strength of character. That's what you wish to model. Skin color has nothing to do with it- it's all about character. Unfortunately, we have a "man" who doesn't have character- He is one! And his ultimate "straw man" may end up being HIMSELF- 0bama "cast" as the "black" president dealing with racists. But who wouldn't be against that?
0bama was elected by the American people. He became our first president of African-American descent. It's a glorious truth and something I'm proud my country could do. It doesn't matter that I voted for the other guy- Barack became OUR president and America's next best hope! But I'm worried now and getting uncomfortable....and it's NOT because he's black! 0bama's character (or lack thereof) is what's on my mind- and that's totally colorblind. A terrible injustice occurs when FALSE racism claims are made...
PS- So Cynthia Tucker said, "I'm just guessing....this is off the cuff" before she so "stupidly" opened her mouth. Sounds a lot like what happened to 0bama at a recent press conference. And both say they're trying to help? Go figure! Kind of reminds me of an "analysis" AP writer Jesse Washington wrote on the Gatesgate incident at Cambridge- a total subjective prejudicial fictionalized nonsensical piece-of-crap! Yes, the media's part of the problem....and contributing to the ignorance!