Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dear Barack Hussein 0bama- don't you get it?

Dear Barack Hussein 0bama,

So you’ve created a 'new' national holiday you've designated ‘National Day of Service’- to be observed and remembered from here on after every 9/11...

Huhhh? Don’t you get it?

For most of us, every September 11th will be a day we remember when our world and lives were changed forever...

We remember that 2,998 people were cowardly murdered that day- by nineteen Islamic terrorists.

We remember all those murdered as innocent victims...2,669 of them Americans.

We remember they were men and women and children...our friends and our family.

We remember their faces and smiles and dreams...memories we'll hold on to forever.

We remember the heroes that fell that day...and new heroes found, all honored today!

And Barack Hussein 0bama- You are not in this picture! Go back to Kenya, you usurper- You are not cutting it here.

God bless America!