Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mark Levin wins!

Here’s my response to Mark Levin saying “0bama will be responsible if ‘anything’ happens to 0bama[Doesn't]Care protesters”:
First, let’s take a look at what actually came out of The White House yesterday: White House Press Secretary Gibbs (Fibbs?) said “President 0bama believes town hall meetings should not involve shouting and shoving”…
Hmmm….we already know that much of 0bama’s political success comes from his “brilliant” use of specious arguments- “straw man” rhetoric if you will. Here, once again, we see 0bama (through his idiotic “mouthpiece” Fibbs) as THE “STRAW” MASTER: Wouldn’t MOST Americans agree there’s NO ROOM FOR SHOVING [VIOLENCE] at town hall meetings? OF COURSE THEY WOULD! Can you see 0bama’s “brilliance” now? He presents logical fallacies that misrepresent an original premise AND, of course, any opponent’s position. THEN he successfully refutes them- tearing down whatever false arguments he so deceitfully created. It’s pure “brilliance”….and THE DEVIL WOULD BE PROUD!
Combine this with 0bama’s “gift” for communicating (when he stays on teleprompter) and you have THE PERFECT POLITICIAN (and man, that’s an oxymoron if there ever was one!) 0bama is a WMD! And it’s HIS OWN WORDS that DO THE DAMAGE! His scheming, spinning and twisting of stubborn things like “facts” always leads to his leveraging of the Truth and the justifying of HIS Ends… Bravo, 0bama! You’re an exquisite liar….AND SO PERFECTLY EVIL!
Now, let’s try to accept (at two-faced value?) what Fibbs actually said: “President 0bama believes town hall meetings should not involve shouting and shoving”…
Hmmm….a simple enough statement from a “pretty simple man”….but an easy lie to see through! You ask how one can tell? HIS LIPS ARE MOVING!
Then again, maybe we COULD possibly believe what Fibbs said- if we didn’t already know that 0bama’s “community organizing” is based on that “epic” piece-of-crap by Saul Alinsky: Rules for Radicals!
Anyway, here’s a suggestion for you 0bama: How ’bout you NOT have your government-funded Acorn/MoveOn/SEIU “union” thugs exercise the STRONG-ARM CHOKEHOLD tactics they learned in Chicago! Yeah….that might work! Then again, H3LL might freeze over too!
Speaking of your birthplace, why don’t you GO BACK THERE and drown in the River Styx, you usurper!
PS- Is it true there’s actually a YouTube video out there somewhere in cyberspace that captured The N0bamessiah’s forked-tongue flicking out and grabbing that fly? GROSS! Recall the following three prophecies:
1. Kiki’s backward-legged run across the desert at the end of “The Arrival”,
2. The 2:06 mark of: and
3. The 0:39 mark of:
Very “disturbing” indeed….LOL!