Friday, July 20, 2012

“I Built This, Mr. President”

It is time for President Obama to stop attacking American success. The small family-owned businesses in this video saved-or-created more jobs than any Obama “ƧU˩UMITƧ” program.

President Obama has crossed his Rubicon -- there is no turning back. He can’t take back what he said. His defeat is now on the horizon. Really. Everyone knows that the business of America IS business. Meaning no president gets away with telling U.S. business owners “you didn’t build it”. His arrogance is just another millstone around his neck that will soon take his presidency down.

PS- If anyone is still thinking about voting for President Obama, may I respectfully suggest they’re not paying attention. They may as well just back up the USS Obama and hit that iceberg again.

A sincere thank you to Bristol Palin for “I Built This, Mr. President”