Saturday, July 28, 2012

Obama and the Minute for Munich

Sanford D. Horn: “…the IOC (International Olympic Committee), under the alleged leadership of President Jacques Rogge, has denied the numerous requests that this tragedy be recognized with a mere minute of silence during the opening ceremonies in London on this, the 40th anniversary of Munich. Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard wrote to Rogge in hopes of garnering some recognition for the slain Israeli Olympic team at the London Olympics. … For Americans, the question must be asked of Barack Obama, sports-fan-in-chief: where was your letter to the president of the IOC? You spent so much time and taxpayer dollars overseas attempting to procure an Olympics for your adopted hometown of Chicago. Did you not want to offend your Arab allies by taking up for eleven dead Israelis? Do you continue to think so little of Israel while continuing to rake in millions of dollars from the Jewish voting community you take for granted?
The eleven slain Israelis:
- Yossef Gutfreund
- Amitzur Shapira
- Kehat Shorr
- Andrei Spitzer
- Jacov Springer
- Moshe Weinberg
Athletes (wrestlers/weightlifters)
- David Berger
- Zeev Friedman
- Eliezer Halfin
- Yossef Romano
- Mark Slavin
May their memories always be blessed.”

Munich widows fight for moment of silence

Shamefully, IOC cant spare a minute to mark 1972 Munich terrorism.
“The International Olympic Committee says the opening ceremony of the London Games isn’t a ‘fit’ setting to mark deaths of 11 Israeli athletes. Those who disagree will defiantly stand as IOC chief Jacques Rogge speaks.”,0,4757816.column

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