Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pelosi a Dingbat? More like a Public Enemy...

Nancy Pelosi a Dingbat?!? Maybe, with apologies to Jean Stapleton, who gracefully played one. But whatever you call Pelosi -- San Fran Nan, The Wicked *itch of the West, a 50-foot monster featured in the Right Change video below, or former Speaker of the House -- she is first a Public Enemy and the symbol of all that is wrong in DC.

The tip of the iceberg: Pelosi committed federal election fraud after finding out then-Senator Obama had a candidacy problem in Hawaii -- which she “fixed” -- her close ties to Hawaii Governor Abercrombie and repeat $10,000-a-night exotic resort getaways over there having everything to do with it. Or vice versa. Then there was her promise “to drain the swamp” -- broken daily from 2006, and even during her lame duck session, when she had separate House trials on Democrats “Cholly” Rangel and Maxine Waters for multiple ethics violations postponed until after the 2010 election.

Add the HUNDREDS of ObamaCare waivers in her district she asked for and was granted, the continuous flow of lobbyist cash she keeps pocketing, and the three-quarters of a BILLION taxpayer dollars Obama gave to her brother-in-law’s “green” company and you are just starting to get the picture: She is CORRUPT. But like an iceberg, we just see 10%, because what’s below her surface (I’m not talking Botox) is scarier. Here’s hoping that iceberg melts her away.

PS- Upon hearing that San Fran was renaming a street after her, Lombard Street came to mind: The most crooked street in the world: